Customer service versus Customer Success

In English, magic words are the only words of success in customer service delivery. Great Customer Service Representatives (CSRs*) use words like: Thank you, Please and Thank you, again in bucket loads. This is simple but effective customer service. It is crucial to keeping customers loyal, boosting sales and subsequent company profits. However, excellent training is key to customer success, it is the enabler to exceeding the customer’s expectations. Here are some positive words and phrases examples:

1 – “I am sorry you are going through this.”

Saying sorry when your customer is upset is a great way to begin the repair for the broken trust relationship. It shows that you understand that they have been made to feel negative about your business. Creating a sense of accord not just shows empathy for the unfortunate situation, but also assures them that their feelings are valid.

2 – “I can understand how that would be difficult.”

You can’t empathise with customers unless you understand their pain. Outstanding support is defined by genuine empathy and it is crucial to convey this to your customers. Listen to them carefully to read their emotions and relate how they feel. 

3 – “I wish I could make it better.”

Not always you can provide a feasible solution to your customers but every time you can comfort them with your empathetic words. Listening to them patiently to what they have gone through is enough.

4 – “It makes me really sad to hear this happened.”

When you show that you are equally sad by listening to what customers have experienced with your product or service, they feel that you are validating their problem and will be able to get a feasible resolution.

5 – “We will get your issue resolved positively.”

Reaffirming that you will provide a quick and effective resolution helps to strengthen the rapport between you and the customer. Using ‘we’ shows that the whole team is engaged and their issue is set as a priority.

6 – “I will be helping you with…”

When you use such empathy statements for customer service, it shows that you are taking control of the situation. It allows the customer to feel as if the problem is being handled correctly. 

7 – “May I arrange for an update call at a time that is good for you?”

Handling angry customers can be frustrating for CSRs, they should be taken as seriously as possible, and formal empathetic language should be used at all times.

8 – “I have identified the problem and solution.”

Conveying the CSR’s experience in handling calls of this nature provides the customer with a strong indication of the ability of the CSR* to find a swift solution to the query. 

9 – “The fix will be complete within 48 hours.”

There are certain issues that can not be resolved in a day. When CSRs provide a relevant timeframe for query resolution, it is important that the CSR* informs the customer.

10 – “Thank you for choosing us. We are always here.”

From all the available options, your customers have chosen you for some reason. Let them know that you truly appreciate their choice. 

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